Sound all around- working with binaural and 3D audio

We are living in a world of 3D audio. Our 'aureality' are sounds all around us. If we a blessed with good hearing in both ears, we are blessed with the ability to judge our environment in detail when our brains process what our ears are picking up.

Stereo recording will give us a better perception of distance and position but you need to record binaurally to be able to give the closest representation to what we hear in everyday life.

That is why listening to a binaural or 3D recording is so immersive, because it sounds real. Until recently, binaural recording was an expensive to do. The recording set up needs to mimic the human ears and the head in between them. If you have a spare £6.5k sloshing around you can always buy up one of these.

The BBC's R&D department are keen to roll our binaural audio within BBC output, creating a more immersive experience for an audience who are already using headphones (you can't appreciate binaural sound on anything else)

Headphones required for this video

As an audio producer keen to make listening as immersive as possible, I am excited to try out binaural recording. I can't afford a 'head'but I can certainly afford these.

Here is a 3D recording made using Roland CS 10EMs....can you really get immersive spacial audio for £85?

#binaural #3Daudio #RolandCS10EM #BBCRD #Fieldrecording

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