Sound Walk Sunday

I seem to find out about these things through the power of serendipity (Twitter) and was excited to be included with many sound walks around the world on Sound Walk Sunday. Both of my sound walks so far were featured- my Grenfell Sound Map which I realised would be a completely different experience for anyone walking it as it was Notting Hill Carnival Day 1 and my Britpop Camden VoiceMap tour which I walked with a number of people who were new to geolocated tours as well as VoiceMap's Claire Van Den Heever who explained how VoiceMap works.

We were supposed to start the day with a coffee at Caffe 43 in Pratt Street which is the starting point for the tour. Unfortunately the owners had gone away for the bank holiday weekend which means I will have to chat to them about putting a flyer up in their window another time.

The view is Camden Market and Dingwalls 2017. The soundtrack is the story of Britpop 1996.

All the technology worked really well- VoiceMap have done a few tweaks with location since the tour was first published last year and it now flows seamlessly. I love to see people doing a geolocated tour for the first time, the look on their faces when audio fits perfectly with location is something that lifts me every time.

After a pitstop in the Pembroke Arms in Primrose Hill, we carried on to the end, despite it getting warmer as the day progressed.

It was time for lunch, I was starving so headed to the market. Unfortunately this meant that I missed Nathania Hartley's Tapping Into The City in Paddington.

This was the first Sound Walk Sunday of many to come- the a global celebration of outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances and sound walks.

#SoundWalkSunday #GeolocatedAudio

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